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We’re Not In Love

Senior, Bunnell High School, Stratford

We’re not in love

Even though we’ll be driving and you’ll be singing along to the radio in that ugly voice only I’m allowed to hear

Even though you’ll call me late at night and tell me you’re so scared of the future

Even though you tell me maybe we knew each other in a past life, and maybe we’ll know each other in the next

(And maybe then I’ll get it right)

We’re not in love

Even though we can sit in a diner and drink coffee for hours

Even though whenever we watch the stars I’m always looking at you

Even though I feel like you’re an umbrella built for two people

And there’s been room for me this whole time

And maybe those wise men are right

And maybe I am a fool for rushing in

But I know we’re not in love

Because sometimes you’ll be telling me about someone else

But all I can hear is that it’s not me

And it never will be

So the next time you ask me

Have you ever been in love?

I’ll say it was something like that

To me, it felt like home, but to him it was just a place to stay

And although I thought I made you happy

I guess it’s just not the same

And although you’d never try to hurt me

I guess you don’t know your own strength

And it seems that whenever I’m looking at you,

You’re looking the other way

And I guess that’s how I know

We’re not in love

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