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Social media: It’s just weird

Molly Duffy
Molly Duffy

CTTeens Editor

I’ve always had issues with social media. Not bullying or anything directly aggressive, but more of something ominous and dormant.

As a 17-year-old, the idea that any person could simply type my name into a search engine and find my age, and my hobbies and life passions is pretty creepy. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s just weird.

Along with this, it’s already rough being a teenager and figuring out this life thing with your family, your school community and your town looking on, but now we have to add those quiet observers ranging from surrounding towns to across the world. All could be judging you.

I understand judgment is a thing we all go through; we all need to be exposed to in order to develop. But really?

Do we need 500 or more eyes scanning through my Instagram feed? No thanks.

The issue isn’t only one of privacy for teens, like myself, but also of identity.

Social media has proven to be another mode of categorization in our advanced society. Social media can’t be much different from government-run systems, other than a few extra selfies and flat out unnecessary rants.

As we choose to identify ourselves, online and off, it’s important to find what truly makes an identity. It is basically how one wishes to view themselves internally and outwardly, formed and expressed through personal and social experiences.

However, I’ve noticed that giving myself a bio on Instagram that’s limited myself to a 150-word count also limits my view on myself. I start thinking a lot about what people will perceive as they read that bio. Every little word subject to judgment and thoughts put into a box with my name on it.

And then there’s the feeling to match my own reality with the one I’ve created online.

Now there’s the problem: Trying to “figure it all out” on two very different scales, both at the same time.

Molly Duffy is a senior at North Haven High School, and an editor of CTTeens.

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