Talking about bugs

Khadija Ashfaq
Khadija Ashfaq

Assistant CTTeens Editor

Hello everyone! Today we shall talk about bugs. More specifically those found in our food.

The majority of us have probably gone through a moment in our lives when we are enjoying something that we are eating and as you eat, you spot something odd in the food. You stare at it for a couple of seconds, simply trying to figure out what this strange thing in your food exactly is.

That is when everything falls into place. Either it moved or it looks nothing like the ingredients used in your food itself. It is a bug. It does not matter what kind, all that is of concern is the fact that it is currently in your food. Something very similar happened to myself. It was mid July and I was enjoying a brookie (a combination of a brownie and a cookie). As I am eating I decide to just take a quick glance at the cookie and brownie combination. In that quick glance I notice something move. At first I assumed it was just a crumb, the thing was it moved again. I payed little attention to it and took another bite.

After that, I notice once again that the same exact crumb moved. At that point the cookie was in the trash and I was in fear of the fact that I may have just swallowed a bug. It’s like at that point the only thing crossing my mind was hopefully I did not just inhale a bug. Imagine if while you are eating something you enjoy and you find a bug in it. Would you or would you not be concerned? Now, I am just standing there thinking about how long I have been eating a cookie that had a bug on it. And the thing that made the whole situation a little bit worse was the fact that the bug blended in with the cookie perfectly. It was as if this bug used the cookie as camouflage. After some time I had gotten over the whole bug in my food fiasco and moved on.  Just for future reference though, if you ever look at your food and find something that looks suspicious, do not go in for the next bite.

Khadija Ashfaq is a sophomore at Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford.


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