Be the Key helps teen drivers

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Founded by Audrey Apanovitch of Glastonbury, Be the Key hopes to prevent incidents on the road due to unsafe habits. An incident especially hit close home to Apanovitch in July 2013, when her close friend Jane Modlesky was killed in a drunk driving car accident.

This incident spurted Apanovitch to make a change.

With the help of State Farm Insurance, Glastonbury High received a grant of $100,000 to start the organization.

The grant will help to fund materials such as posters, wristbands, and other objects used to spread awareness about safe teen driving with no distractions. “This effort is intended to educate teens and their communities about the potential consequences of this behavior. We hope that by bringing this message to young drivers and their families that they will change their driving habits to help protect themselves, their families and others on the road,” says James P. Redeker, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

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