An amazing experience in art

Molly Duffy
Molly Duffy

CTTeens Editor 

The Center for the Creative Arts is an amazing place.

Located at Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CCY offered me the chance of a lifetime to grow and thrive with other artists, similar to myself, yet so surprisingly different.

Students in visual arts, film, music, theatre and creative writing, came together for this four-week long summer program.

 I saw strangers,who I knew absolutely nothing about, prove themselves to be extraordinarily talented and passionate individuals. During one of the first of many weekly Open Mic Nights, I saw students perform five-minute long dance combinations that blew my mind, heard delicately placed and beautiful keys played on a piano, and snapped in applause to words of slam poetry.

These first few moments at CCY made me realize that the best was yet to come.

The opportunities there were endless. We took classes in the concentrations we each had come to study at CCY. We had the chance to take part in interdisciplinary classes, which were classes outside of our major. These included classes song writing, ballroom dancing, spoken word, musical theatre, and so many others, all taught by incredibly talented artists in each field. We had share days to show our parents what we created every two weeks, and had free time to enjoy together with our new friends. We even had dances, and concerts to attend.

I surely won’t forget this amazing summer that really helped me learn more about the varying ways other artists think and create. As I continue to carry on my ideas and perspectives gained from CCY, my Art Awareness Project will be one of the many things I do to carry on the mission of CCY and keep Art in people’s lives.

Today as I see some students releasing their albums, sharing their poetry and dancing in competitions, I can’t wait to see what these new friends of mine will create tomorrow.

PHOTO: Summer 2016 class from the Center for the Creative Arts at Wesleyan University.

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